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It is always your right to call and report an objectionable odor experience to the Air Pollution Control District at 574-6000.

What Do I Tell Them?
Consider these questions in describing the odor before you call to report:

  • When did it start and stop, or is it continuing?
  • What does it smell like (rotten eggs, sweet, etc.)?
  • At what location or address did you smell the odor?
  • Have you smelled this odor before? If so, when? How often? What Else?

It is always your right to call and report an objectionable odor experience to the Air Pollution Control District at 574-6000.

Rubbertown Facilities Location Map & Phone Contacts

Code Facility Contact Phone

Facility - Contact
  American Synthetic - Shift Supervisor 449-8310


  Carbide Industries - Safety Department 775-4110
  Chemours - Area FLS 775-3215
  Dow - Fire Captain 449-5385
  E. I. du Pont - Safety Manager 912-6576
  Hexion - Security Office 449-6257
  Lubrizol - Shift Supervisor 482-0111 (6 am to 6 pm)
482-0091 (6 pm to 6 am)
  Zeon Chemicals - Lab Tech./Shift Supervisor 775-7642

Sign up for CodeRED

The CodeRED Emergency Notification System is a communication service that gives Louisville Metro Government the ability to quickly provide emergency telephone, text, or email notices to its citizens in Jefferson County.

CodeRED will be used for emergency incidents and events where the timely notification to people in a specific geographic area is essential. Notifications can be an emergency situation, general info about incidents, or weather related, depending on your choice. Examples of possible emergency notifications may include: chemical releases, emergency evacuation notices, or natural disasters. General notices may be about natural gas leaks, utility outages, water main breaks, emergency street closings, missing persons, crime alerts, and other information of importance to citizens. Weather alerts are specific to tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flash flood warnings [not watches] and come directly via the National Weather Service depending on your choice.

The most convenient way to register is via the CodeRED website. Individuals interested in registering will be required to add a telephone number into the CodeRED database. Required information will be first and last name, physical street address (no P.O. boxes), city, state and zip code. An alternate phone number, such as a cellular phone, can also be entered and both the primary and alternate line will be contacted in the event of an emergency. The system works with cellular phones but requires the cell phone number to be associated with a street address in Jefferson County.

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